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"Above and Below, it's our home too"

A Sunfest 2016 project, the staircase was painted over a 3 day period with young people assisting.  The work reminds us that our region is not just a home for people and industries, it is also a nesting and nursery area for birds and marine life and the need to protect these environments.


Deb on the development and process of the Wings and Waves Project:


THIS STAIRWAY PROJECT was part of Sunfest Youth Activities every January in the Gladstone Area. Murals are a great way to brighten or beautify unsightly, boring or utilitarian areas. While having so much space, its great to use it for an important message.


WINGS & WAVES shows many species of animal, sealife & birds that we share the Gladstone region with. It is a reminder that ALL our actions can affect those living nearby, even if we don't see them often. All actions, boat use, rubbish, pollutions, industries & recreations can affect where these animals live & what they eat. It's their place. We just borrow it. Be mindful of them in all our activities.


Being a staircase, with a  top & bottom, it was an obvious choice of subject matter to show who lives ABOVE & BELOW. So the Bottom of the Stairway shows underwater life, The Middle shows baby turtles hatching & beach dwellers, and the Top shows local birdlife.


Having visited Gladstone region over many years & walked in the bush & beach, Deb wanted to show the diversity of animals here, & that its not all about industry. She observed & researched local species & collated a design. Jesse Bowen-Saunders is a digital editor & filmaker & he worked to create digital cells of the subjects. These were grafted larger on card patterns to transfer to the stairs. (Stairs having bends were difficult to create patterns for, so they had to be foldable.) The council had the stairs undercoated prior. Robert Bowen-Saunders & Deb drew the designs on the staircase together with about 8 local kids they worked on the piece in hot January sun for 3 solid days to paint the final designs.  Acrylic on Acrylic undercoat on Cement.

Photo Gallery

The "WINGS AND WAVES" project was made possibly by our Partners:


Boyne Smelters Limited

Boyne Island Lions Club

Boyne Tannum Arts Business & Community Association Inc.

Gladstone Regional Council

Boyne Tannum Rotary Club Inc.

Gladstone Regional Art Gallery and Museum

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