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Janie Petersen

Janie lived in the Gladstone region from 2012 to 2018. Her entire family is from Germany and she spent most of her childhood growing up in Berlin. After finishing high school she fell in love with an Australian man while she was travelling along the East Coast of Australia. They spent 10 years living together in Europe, had 2 beautiful children and then decided to move back to his home town, Gladstone.  She soon started getting involved in the art scene, and her first art project was transforming the Tannum Sands Esplanade stairs near the playground using thousands of mosaic pieces. After that many more art projects followed. She also started teaching Art at Woorabinda Primary school and holds fond memories of this time. 

She's loved Art since primary school and went on art exchange trips throughout Europe. She Art as her major in high school and studied ‘Art for public space’ at a University in London for 3 years.  She eventually  became a self-employed artist working on a wide range of community and self-led projects within the Gladstone region and beyond. Her favourite medium was Mosaic, which she taught to many people, young and old, and transformed foot paths, seating areas, stairs, interior and exterior of buildings and stunning looks outs! 

Currently during the summer festival season Ishe work swith land art to create ritual spaces and labyrinths out of natural materials for sacred ceremonies like Sacred Union Labyrinths or Conscious Uncoupling ceremonies.  

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