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LAUNCH DATE: August 2018

The characters on the poles are light-hearted references to the activities and occupations of the first pioneers of Boyne Island.


Beryl on the development and process of the Enviro Project:


The original concept for the Tribute to the Pioneers project was based on the circle of friends.  This idea was revised to fit the space for installation and to take into account some safety issues. 


After discussions with some of the committee Beryl decided to represent the first settlers to the region.  The size of the poles were increased to allow a better surface for the figures. 


Treated copper logs were used that were primed and given four coats of acrylic paint.  The painted representations of the various settlers were then added as well as a coat of anti-graffiti paint.  The project was completed in 3-4 weeks.

The following settlers were represented.

  • A fisherman

  • A farmer with a shovel

  • A teacher

  • A lady with street sign i.e. Wyndham Avenue

  • A boy with a fishing rod

  • A boy with a cricket bat and ball

  • Milkmaid

  • Lighthouse keeper

  • Music teacher

  • Naturalist

  • Pineapple farmer

  • Man sawing a log

  • Man catching crab

  • Nurse with baby

  • Boy in a Pea field

  • Picking tomatoes

  • Children – ring-a-roses

  • School room


Launch of the Tribute to the Pioneers Project- August 2018

Photo Gallery

Press releases


The "TRIBUTE TO THE PIONEERS" project was made possibly by our Partners:


Boyne Smelters Limited

Boyne Island Lions Club

Boyne Tannum Arts Business & Community Association Inc.

Gladstone Regional Council

Boyne Tannum Rotary Club Inc.

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