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LAUNCH DATE: July 2014

This mosaic piece is inspired by turtles laying their eggs on the each and making their way back into the oceans, with the moon representing new beginnings.  Turtles are visitors to Milenium Esplanade, Canoe Point and Boyne Beach.


Janie on the development and process of Moonrise:


"I went to one of my first trips to Heron Island shortly after moving to Gladstone in 2012 and I was mesmerized by the egg-laying turtles along the beach, which I captured many times on camera and in my heart. I watched so many turtles lay their egg and make their way back to the ocean. My favourite moment was when they paused just before the water’s edge after hours of devotion to their eggs and finally being reunited with water again."


"I used glass tiles for both mosaics ('Moonrise' and 'Day and Night)'. I LOVE cutting them in little pieces and putting them back together to create an image that has a message, where lines are flowing and colours are being vibrant. I also love using mirror tiles as they bring so much aliveness into the mosaic especially when you walk towards it from a distance. Once everything was approved it took about 3-4 weeks to create each mosaic from the design stage to the installation.



To me it is like meditation and I love expressing myself through Art! I am very grateful for all the creative opportunities I had within those 6 years of living in Gladstone. "


Launch of the Moonrise Project- July 2014

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The "MOONRISE" project was made possibly by our Partners:


Boyne SmeltersLimited

Boyne Island Lions Club

Boyne Tannum Arts Business & Community Association Inc.

Gladstone Regional Council

Boyne Tannum Rotary Club Inc.

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