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Liz Farrell

Liz was born in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe and migrated to Australia in 1980. She moved to Gladstone in 1990 and moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2015 where she retired.

Being creative has always been a driving force in Liz’s life and the joy of making is an integral part of her every day.  Liz’s arts practice is informed by her Southern African roots and migration, it informs how she sees and interprets the world around her and manifests through colour and form.


Liz’s artistic interests are eclectic and experimenting and learning are the foundation of her arts practice.  Liz believes that nothing learnt is wasted and her ethos is, there is no failure, only a growing understanding of self and knowledge of materials and process.  Liz believes that there is freedom in arts practice, which gives expression not only of ourselves, but also on a higher level, connecting us to all things. We are, she says, “never to old to explore and experience new ways of self-expression through our creative endeavours.”


The question, ‘who am I’ has become a focus for her current work, which now expresses itself through her passion for making handmade books and exploring contemporary printmaking processes.

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