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LAUNCH DATE: March 2024

"DON'T LET GO" designed by Claire Cerato

This design is inspired by the artist's mental health journey and her mantra of "Don't let go". The hands symbolize the need for connection and purpose, while native Australian trees represent the uplifting impact of nature with their show of colour when they flower.  The design aims to convey a sense of belonging and the importance of finding something that keeps us going through challenges.


This reflection space is a partnership between the Boyne Tannum Turrtleway Artscape, the Gladstone Region Awareness & Suicide Prevention (GRASP), the Tannum Crab Classic and the Gladstone Regional Council in bringing to life a meaningful outdoor space designed for reflection and contemplation.  This project aims to support suicide prevention efforts and promote community understanding and support for mental health.

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The "YOU MATTER REFLECTION SPACE" project was made possibly by:


Tannum Crab Classic

Gladstone Region Awareness & Suicide Prevention (GRASP)

Boyne Smelters Limited

Boyne Island Lions Club

Boyne Tannum Arts Business & Community Association Inc.

Gladstone Regional Council

Boyne Tannum Rotary Club Inc.

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