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Margaret Worthington

Clive Rouse

Margaret Worthington and Clive Rouse collaboratively work as designers / artists / fabricators with public art sculptures & private commissions. Their work is of a high standard and uses cutting edge technology. Their work often reflects a sense of place in an educated, research based site specific artwork. Margaret and Clive like to use industrial metals, and often have an environmental and educational component to their work.

Margaret and Clive have a studio and a large well equipped workshop at Calliope where they fabricate their projects. Depending on the project and the requirements they work with an industrial builder in Gladstone who collaborates on the projects as well as handling the installation. They also have a range of other specialised engineering fabricators to call on if required.

Margaret has been a local since 1980 and works in a variety of community projects both as designer and often as project manager, bringing together a wide range of community skills to work on a project. She taught a design and sculpture course at TAFE in 2012. She paints in watercolour often featuring local flora and fauna and has created two books.

Currently (2019) Margaret is working on an exhibition for the Mackay Botanic Gardens, Lagoon Gallery, busy with a new story book containing watercolour paintings and working on aluminium mobiles. 

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