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Katrina Elliott & Jarrod Beezley

Katrina Elliott is a professional photographer and visual artist from Calliope. She is passionate about arts and
communities, and uses creativity as a tool to promote health and community wellbeing. Katrina has delivered
numerous community-engaged, community-focused projects in the Central Queensland area. In 2018, with the
support of the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland Aestec Services and CQ Health, Katrina founded
an art gallery within the Gladstone Hospital and then in 2020 an art Gallery in the Biloela Hospital.
Katrina has a broad range of mediums in her portfolio including murals, sculpture, mosaic, videography and

Jarrod Beezley have done numerous exhibitions and workshops which include commissioned pieces fir the GPC Reconciliation week, Naidoc workshops, Festival of Arts Events workshops at Sunfest.

"I am so blessed to be able to earn an income as an Artist. I find it very rewarding being able to create projects that our community are involved it as well as commission pieces for people to enjoy." - Katrina Elliott

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